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Our international team provide excellence in education without borders. With teams in four countries and staff across the world, Carfax Education has an unrivalled global presence.


A global community

The Carfax ethos is built on an integrated, connected approach to both our clients and ourselves.

While we are an international business with offices across the globe, our team of consultants, tutors and staff work closely on a daily basis to ensure standards are maintained across the board. From a tutor in Dubai to a mentor in Moscow, everyone is a part of the same Carfax Education team.

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Education Experts

Carfax values the experience and wisdom of people who have spent considerable parts of their career in the education sector, whether as teachers and lecturers or senior administrators and leaders of educational institutions or projects. Some of these experts join Carfax full-time, whist others collaborate on a project-by-project or advisory basis. Expressions of interest from people who feel that Carfax may benefit from their experience are always welcome!

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Featured in The Times: The Country House Schools Being Turned Into Luxury Mansions

In May 2020 the Times Educational Supplement forecast that as many as 30 per cent of the UK’s private schools could face insolvency soon. The grand piles that once taught Princess Diana and Boris Johnson are closing down due to financial difficulties.


Official Knowledge Partner for the School Searcher Event


Study Skills Sessions with Carfax Tutors


Find The Right Secondary School in Dubai For Your Child, with Carfax Education & The Schools Searcher

We are delighted to announce that Carfax Education has been appointed as the official Knowledge Partner for School Searcher, a series of specialised education events dedicated to assisting parents in their search for the right school for their child.


Choosing the right School for your child

The school you choose for your child holds the power to shape their future profoundly. So it’s no surprise that many parents, faced with such a significant, emotional decision, seek professional impartial guidance and advice from experienced professionals like Carfax Education. But what advice and guidance do we provide?


Carfax Education at GESS Dubai 2023

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