Carfax College

A private tutorial college in the heart of Oxford. Carfax College inspires and encourages pupils to reach their potential through tailored learning programmes in a supportive school environment.

Inspiring a passion for learning, online & in person

Our mission is to foster confident, curious and creative learners through tailoring education for the individual.


success rate with Oxford and Cambridge applications


candidates admitted to their top-choice school

“Welcome to Carfax College. Here each pupil receives individual attention, support and encouragement, not only in pursuit of academic goals but also in terms of their personal well-being.“

Principal at Carfax college

About Our College

Carfax offers a structured learning environment and a friendly, responsive community.

Here each pupil receives individual attention, support and encouragement, not only in pursuit of academic goals but also in terms of their personal well-being.

Whether studying towards A levels, GCSEs or other qualifications, revising for an exam or re-sitting one, pupils benefit from personalized programmes with teaching closely matched to their goals and needs, including specialized provision for those with special educational needs.

Younger pupils follow an independent curriculum that has been expertly designed to prepare them for progression to leading senior schools.


The purpose of the College’s existence is to provide tuition and associated services in such a way as to bring the greatest possible benefit to its pupils and maximize the likelihood of them fulfilling their full academic, and personal, potential, within a safe, supportive, and engaging environment.


Our College offers courses ranging from one or more days of revision, in preparation for examinations, to full-time one or two-year residential programmes leading to GCSEs or A Levels, as well as Pre-U, IB, and admissions tests for British and American Universities, with a particular focus on preparation for entry to Oxford, Cambridge, and the Ivy League universities.


The college also provides a wide range of extracurricular activities, including rowing, polo, art, music, and drama. Those studying at the college can also join the Oxford Union, Oxford University's world-leading debating society.

The Online School

Carfax College has been delivering online tuition for many years, supporting students across the globe to achieve outstanding academic results.

The Online School is the latest innovation in engaging, adaptive and personalised education from the expert team at Carfax Education. In partnership with Carfax College, Oxford and Mark My Papers students across the globe will be able to access world-class education that is designed to develop essential skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and independence by igniting students’ intellectual curiosity.

Pastoral care

Carfax has a reputation for providing exceptional personalized care that extends far beyond the academic sphere. For pupils to succeed, they need to be able to rely on the right balance and structure in every aspect of their lives. The college works hard to ensure that each individual pupil is kept busy but also, crucially, happy.

Our growing alumni say it best

"I don't know what kind of magic you do at Carfax, but it worked! Thank you!"

Parents of a Year 6 Carfax pupil


Our team have limitless access to resources and expertise in the world of education


Principal of Carfax College


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