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Carfax is a leading global education group at the heart of British education and beyond.
We combine the best of tradition and innovation to foster academic excellence and support families at every step of their education journeys.

World-class specialists for excellence in education

Our global network of advisors and specialists support families along every step of the education journey.

school placement

From nurseries to boarding schools, get placed and prosper at the perfect-fit school with the UK’s leading advisors.

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carfax college

An independent tutorial college in the heart of Oxford, Carfax College personalises learning to foster pupils’ love for learning.

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Personalised pastoral oversight and fully-accredited guardianship to help students thrive while studying away from home.

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Bespoke home school programmes are curated by Carfax College and delivered by our team of expert educators.

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university preparation

Prepare and make progress through every step of the journey to University with expert guidance and support.

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Our expert academic team design and deliver personalised tutorials to help students reach their goals and potential.

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"Every time after the meeting with you, we come out feeling confident and invigorated. We all have benefitted a great deal out of the experience."
UAE Family, 2021
What our families and pupils say
Stories from our families and growing alumni of lifelong learners

Carfax Education in Numbers

Achieve every ambition through bespoke education experiences.


Carfax students are admitted into their first choice of university


Carfax students receive five offers from their UK university choices


Pupils admitted into their top choice school

“At Carfax we understand every child is individual and believe their education should reflect that. Our flexible approach to learning means we can support every child to achieve their goals.”

Fiona McKenzie
Head of Carfax Education

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AN Unrivalled Global Network

Our world-class specialists accelerate achievement for every individual at every step of their educational journey.

Fiona McKenzie

Head of Carfax Consultants


Senior Education Consultant


Client Liaison

Lucy Holland

Oxbridge Applications Specialist

Daniele Labriola

US Admissions Specialist

Shelly Man

Client Liaison


Client Liaison

Lydia Fischer-Dooley

European Universities Specialist

Mehreen Aga

Director of Studies


Head of Carfax Tutors


Science Tutor


English Tutor


Business & Accounting Tutor


Economics Tutor


Maths & Science Tutor


English Tutor




Principal, Carfax College


Head of Education


Head of Carfax Monaco


Head of Carfax Tutors


Director, Carfax Russia

Excellence Without Borders

Access to exceptional education extends beyond borders through our international team and online learning capabilities.

While our roots are in Oxford, London is home to our global headquarters.

Born in Oxford, we borrow our name from the city which is home to Carfax College.

Our Abu Dhabi office offers essential support to our team in Dubai and on the ground tutors.

Our Dubai office offers essential support and on the ground tutors.

We have a fantastic team of educators and tutors serving Moscow and surrounding areas.

Our Monaco office offers essential support to our team in Dubai and on the ground tutors.

Why Carfax Education?

Why Carfax Education?

We are a global education group who help families achieve lifelong ambitions through personalising an expert-led educational journey. Rooted in tradition, our innovative approach fosters a love for learning that inspires achievements in the classroom and beyond. Our distinctive drive for excellence starts with our world-class education specialists drawn from the world’s leading institutions.


Over 98% of Carfax applicants gain places at reputable educational establishments

Success rates of Carfax applicants are unusually high because only Carfax has gathered under one roof a team of British and American specialists, each possessing years of relevant experience and dedicated to particular areas of expertise such as Oxbridge and UK university entrance, Ivy League and US applications counselling, London nurseries and day schools, British boarding schools, and Swiss international schools.

Schools our pupils joined recently

Universities our pupils joined recently