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We offer educational guardianship in the UK, US and Switzerland.

Our Educational Guardians

We have limitless access to resources and expertise in the world of education.

Why choose our guardians

With a wealth of experience and access to the finest resources in international education, Carfax Guardians promises the very best support for your child and complete peace of mind for you. We provide comprehensive guardianship and pastoral services for pupils studying at British boarding schools, and whose parents live overseas. Practical support for foreign students at British universities is also offered.

What is guardianship?

Schools, universities and colleges expect any child under 18 years of age to have an appointed guardian. Schools will contact the guardian on regular basis with any information or queries related to the student, including health, wellbeing and holiday arrangements.

What guardians do?

When children study away from home, they need a stable, safe, and worry-free environment to thrive. Carfax Guardians represent your child in a foreign country and arrange access to those important provisions that children need in everyday life.

Host families

Our host families offer an exciting and valuable opportunity to integrate into British culture, learn about traditions, experience the local way of life and most importantly, allow your child to feel at home away from home.

Other Services

We have limitless access to resources and expertise in the world of education.

Visa services

Our immigration advisors will provide you with a full list of documents, arrange appointments and fill in application forms, submit all documents to visa centres if applying from the UK.

Accommodation search

We are able to help arrange alternative accommodation for University students and their parents if your child missed an application deadline for University halls.

Travel & transfers

Our selected transfer providers are licensed to offer transfer services, have necessary qualifications and check for work with children and outstanding reputation. We check references and recommendations as thoroughly as license and insurance.

Medical services

We can arrange any medical appointment, visits to private doctors, dental care, physio, any other specialists. Your guardian will go through health insurance options with you on your request.

What Our Customers Are Saying
We work with famillies globally, here's what they have to say

“Carfax is a fantastic organisation! Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. The team are really informed and go the extra mile at every stage.”

Kevin, 2021

Fully accredited for total peace of mind

Carfax Guardians is an accredited member of the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS) and Boarding Schools’ Association which certifies that we maintain the highest standards in full accordance with the law.

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