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From tutoring to consultancy, our ethos underpins our commitment to helping pupils achieve their ambitions through bespoke education journeys.


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We believe that every child is individual and our specialist teams work with you to access the very best education experience to achieve their goals and ambitions. The demand for Carfax services and approach is truly global. Markets in many countries are ready to accommodate a Carfax presence.

Future plans for Carfax expansion are based on a measured growth strategy and include taking the Carfax approach and brand to new locations worldwide, whilst continuing to provide the best education expertise with no compromise on academic excellence.

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Carfax Approach

We take a student-centric approach and act in the best interest of our clients

We treat every client as an individual and offer a bespoke service based on their individual needs and ambitions. The essence of the Carfax Approach is in that each pupil has their potential and a corresponding optimal educational outcome that they are capable of. It is the job of the teacher to help them realize their potential to the full and achieve that optimal outcome. Without fail. Without compromise.

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Carfax Education Story

At the heart of the City of Oxford, the four roads leading from the old city gates form an ancient crossroads. This gave birth to the name ‘Carfax’, derived from the Latin quadric-furcus, literally ‘four-forked junction’. Given that the first Carfax business, Carfax Consultants, was providing guidance to those facing educational choices at ‘crossroads’ in their lives, this was adopted as the title of the company.

In 1610 a fountain was placed in Carfax, sourced by the Carfax Conduit, which channelled fresh water to the citizens of Oxford from its source in the surrounding hills. This fountain has been chosen as the company’s symbol, as it embodies all its values; Carfax College in Oxford, situated close to this ancient site, stands as a fountain of knowledge, with its source in one of most eminent academic foundations in the world.


Carfax leadership team

The main strength of Carfax is in the excellent staff and outstanding teachers that it is fortunate to have brought together. Currently over 50 members of staff work in various Carfax businesses and offices with over 400 tutors and teachers teaching Carfax pupils around the world. Listed in the alphabetical order below are some of the senior members of staff leading the Carfax group, its businesses, and overseas offices.

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Featured in The Times: The Country House Schools Being Turned Into Luxury Mansions

In May 2020 the Times Educational Supplement forecast that as many as 30 per cent of the UK’s private schools could face insolvency soon. The grand piles that once taught Princess Diana and Boris Johnson are closing down due to financial difficulties.


Official Knowledge Partner for the School Searcher Event


Study Skills Sessions with Carfax Tutors


Find The Right Secondary School in Dubai For Your Child, with Carfax Education & The Schools Searcher

We are delighted to announce that Carfax Education has been appointed as the official Knowledge Partner for School Searcher, a series of specialised education events dedicated to assisting parents in their search for the right school for their child.


Choosing the right School for your child

The school you choose for your child holds the power to shape their future profoundly. So it’s no surprise that many parents, faced with such a significant, emotional decision, seek professional impartial guidance and advice from experienced professionals like Carfax Education. But what advice and guidance do we provide?


Carfax Education at GESS Dubai 2023

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