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June 5, 2024

A Level Results - What's Next?
On the 15th of August, thousands of pupils will receive their A-Level results. Of course, many will be feeling nervous, especially if you have applied for University and are eagerly awaiting an offer. Whilst many will be celebrating their results, others may feel a little disappointed and disheartened with the outcome. Carfax Education are here to guide you through both scenarios, and next steps.

Next steps - If you meet your offer

Firstly, congratulations on your achievements! Enjoy the day, and celebrate your results.

If you have applied to study at University, you will be able to log onto the UCAS Hub, (from 8am British Standard Time) to view the status of your application and received offers. Note, to access the Hub, you’ll need your UCAS application number, username and password.

If you're holding at least one conditional place and you've met the requirements, the offer will change to 'unconditional'. When the firm acceptance is confirmed, the University or College will be in touch if there are any remaining requirements, like proof of your qualifications.

Next Steps - If you don't get the grades you need

Don't panic! There are a number of options available to you:

Appeal - If you missed your grades by a few marks, please talk to the University or College directly. You might be able to appeal, or they may be able to re-consider their decision.

Clearing - Alternatively, you could begin the clearing process.  You can use the ‘View matches’ button in your application to see courses UCAS has personally matched you to.  Click here to learn more.

Re-sits - Pupils who are unhappy with their grade, and either have been unsuccessful in their appeal or chose not to appeal, will have the opportunity to sit an examination in the summer series 2025.

Gap year - If you change your mind entirely and would like to take a break from study before applying for University again the following year, consider exploring gap year opportunities, or countries where you'd like to spend a year working abroad.

Professional Support
- If you need additional support, our Education Consultants are on hand to guide you in the right direction. For more information, please email enquiries@carfax-education.com

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