Hugh Willan

Director, Carfax St. Petersburg

Educated at Eton College and Bristol University, Hugh has always been acutely aware of how fortunate he has been in his education and of what it is that makes British education unique. If it were not for his school, Hugh may have never had the opportunity to study Russian language. Having been struck by the differences and similarities between British and Russian culture, he continued his study of Russian at university.

Hugh first joined Carfax as a tutor in St. Petersburg on his year abroad in 2011. After graduating, he returned to St. Petersburg to work in the retail sector before deciding to move back into education. Hugh spent a period of time in China teaching and providing insight into British education for families in Beijing. He re-joined Carfax in 2015 to run the St. Petersburg office, where he is responsible for organising the team of private tutors, and offering advice to families interested in education outside of Russia.