Carfax College, Oxford

Carfax College is a small independent school in the centre of Oxford. It provides bespoke individual and tri-torial tuition programmes in all regular school subjects, at all levels, and of any duration throughout the year. Carfax College offers one- and two-year courses in all GCSE and A level subjects with full careers and UCAS guidance. Long-term and short revision courses are offered for main GCSE and A level subjects, as well as those leading to other qualifications, such as Pre U or IB, our Easter Revision courses being particularly popular. Carfax College also prepares pupils for entrance tests and examinations to selective schools and universities in the UK and abroad. Bespoke individual courses can be provided on request throughout the year.

Intensive tuition is complemented by a varied programme of extra-curricular activities drawing on the wide choice of sports and pursuits offered by the city and university clubs and societies. In recent years, Oxford Union membership and polo training have proved to be particular favourites amongst the pupils. Exceptionally attentive pastoral care is provided and comfortable boarding accommodation with carefully chosen host families is offered within a short distance of the main college building.

Carfax College is a registered independent school, regularly inspected by the ISI and the OFSTED, has a Tier 4 UKVI Immigration Sponsor Licence, is a member of Study UK, and is a founding member of the Oxford Consortium of Independent Tutorial Colleges.

Maysville Academy, Kentucky

Maysville Academy provides a unique opportunity for families in and around Maysville to enrol their children in an institution focused on academic excellence and sporting prowess, while fostering a deep understanding of science, mathematics, and technology.

Maysville Academy seeks to combine the best practices of traditional British independent schools, proven components of American curriculums, and cutting-edge approaches to science and technology instruction in its endeavour to cultivate the next generation of sophisticated innovators.

The Academy provides tuition in all subjects within the context of a classical liberal arts education and also offers an opportunity to all pupils to push themselves to the pinnacle of achievement in computer science, engineering, mathematics, and the hard sciences. Maysville Academy offers high levels of support and pastoral care, encompassing a wide variety of needs including health, social, and moral education, behaviour management, and emotional support from faculty. A focus on mutual respect, integrity, honesty, and hard work is present throughout the school.

Phileas Fox Nursery School, London

Phileas Fox is a nursery school in central London that combines a unique bilingual learning experience with excellent childcare provision and facilities. Specializing in early years bilingual education, it is unusual in offering a choice of learning Chinese, Russian, or Arabic languages and cultures in combination with the traditional British Early Years programme. The objective is to provide a happy medium between academic and holistic development for bilingual children, in a healthy, fun, and caring environment.

All children have an opportunity to immerse in a second language through formal adult-led learning, purposeful play, and creative activities. Highly experienced early years and native language teachers work together to provide a joyful, stimulating, safe, and nurturing environment, where children aged from two to five can play, explore, and experiment to become confident, inquisitive, and capable learners. The second language is used alongside English to encourage children to acquire both languages simultaneously. On leaving the nursery school, children are well developed and prepared to join any pre-prep school of their choice in London or elsewhere.

The school is situated in a beautiful location in Paddington Green. It occupies a detached building with plenty of natural light, spacious classrooms, adjoining lawns, and outside play areas.


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