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With its international presence, unrivalled education expertise, and professional approach to serving private clients, Carfax is trusted by a number of major brands to provide the best solutions to their clients' education requests and to deliver these with the highest possible levels of service and attention. For some of the brands, Carfax is a named or recommended partner, whist for others Carfax provides a discreet while-label service. Carfax has considerable experience of working with important and reputable providers in areas as diverse as concierge services and lifestyle management, high-end property search and real estate services, private banking and wealth management, immigration and legal consultancy, luxury hotels and resorts, private aviation, yacht charter and crew management, and others serving the needs of demanding private clientele. Sometimes the relationship is on the corporate level between Carfax and the professional services firm or luxury provider, at other times it is a personal relationship between one of members of Carfax staff and an individual professional. In every case, Carfax guarantees to live up to the high expectations of the brand partner’s clients and to do so with utmost discretion, respect for privacy, and appreciation of the need to protect and enhance the partner’s reputation and client relationship.

If you feel Carfax can be of service to your clients and would like to discuss potential collaboration with our brand, please contact us on +44 20 7927 6200 or

Some of the valued Brand Partners of Carfax:

Referral Partners

Most of Carfax business is generated through word-of-mouth recommendations. The majority of these come from satisfied clients. Additionally, a significant part of recommendations come from people and organizations who may not be clients themselves, but got to know one or more of Carfax businesses or offices well and are confident that they would do their contacts a good service if they introduced them to Carfax.

Carfax values the relationships that it has established with these referral partners very highly and is always grateful for the confidence they express in its expertise by making the referrals. Carfax offers flexible and generous terms to its referral partners through formal partnership agreements and has a special partnership programme overseen by a dedicated member of staff who makes sure that referral partners are well looked after and have every reason to continue recommending Carfax. This does not replace the main reasons for recommending Carfax. These are the unparalleled depth of educational expertise and the highest levels of service offered by Carfax

If you would like to become a referral partner of Carfax, please contact us on +44 20 7927 6200 or

Investment Partners

Carfax is a group of international businesses operating from our two global hubs in London and Dubai, and a growing network of local offices overseas. Each of our overseas offices is a business in its own right, typically offering private tuition with British and American tutors in its location and selling the services of other Carfax businesses. Some of our offices are completely our own, but an increasing number is a result of collaboration with people who have expressed interest in bringing Carfax to their country or city. Many locations around the world currently provide a highly profitable opportunity to establish a Carfax office. We have developed a partnership model that guarantees a good return to investors and ensures that a Carfax office can be set up relatively quickly anywhere in the world. We offer a genuine partnership with the investors that is much more than a simple franchise opportunity. We see such partnerships as the only way to deliver the same level of service and the highest calibre of educational expertise that clients have come to expect from the Carfax brand everywhere.

If you would like to discuss opportunities to bring Carfax to your country or city, please contact us on and +44 20 7927 6200 in London or +971 4 438 5276 in Dubai.


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