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05 Apr 2022 4 min read

Student Profiling: What is it and how does it work?

There are always many decisions to make as part of a child’s education journey and our Carfax consultants are firm believers that to make clear and confident choices you need information. In order for us to be able to give our clients the best possible advice, we use a suite of online profiling tools which help us to ascertain a student’s interests, academic ability and motivations. Armed with this information making decisions about university choices, school placement options and careers planning all become much easier.



05 Apr 2022 3 min read

Carfax Education launches global private schools index in partnership with Spear’s Magazine

Carfax Education, the leading global education group, announced the launch of the first international ranking of top private schools, the Spear's Schools Index. In partnership with Spear’s, the award-winning magazine for high-net-worth individuals, Carfax Education has released the first global index, which lists the 100 very best private schools around the globe.



25 May 2022

Learning through Summer Fun

We are thrilled to be featured in Yalla Abu Dhabi this month. Clare Preston, our Head of Carfax Tutors UAE, reveals how a fun and relaxing summer can also be a time to introduce your children to education activities to set them up for the school year ahead.



05 Apr 2022 1 min read

World Teachers' Day, 5th October 2022

The 5th of October celebrates World Teachers' Day, which honours the hard work and dedication of educators across the world. Founded in 1994, this annual event is devoted to appreciating the vital role of teaching, and recognising that quality education remains the basis for a sustainable, peaceful and prosperous future.

It's also a day to address any issues pertaining to teachers, providing an opportunity to discuss, learn, share and improve the world of Education.

For more information on World Teachers' Day, click here



27 Apr 2022

Are you prepared for A Level Results

If you are eager to find out what happens on A-level results day, put your mind at ease with our top preparation tips:



06 Apr 2022

The Benefits of One-to-One Online Tuition:

Parents and students turn to one-to-one online tuition for a multitude of reasons, but for some, until recently, it has been an unfamiliar concept. Will it work? Will my child be engaged? Are the tutors as good online? Here, Carfax Education shares some of the benefits based on their long experience of delivering online one-to-one tuition and highlights why online tuition can be a great option.



06 Jun 2022

Everything you need to know about Homeschooling

Home-schooling has often been seen as an exception and a slightly quirky choice to make for educating your child. However, this perception is rapidly changing as families across the world embrace this style of education.



06 Apr 2022

Why International Families choose British Boarding Schools

Boarding school has always been seen as a peculiarly British phenomenon but it also holds a strong appeal for international families looking for a top quality education.



06 Apr 2022

How to get into the creative sector

I graduated with a degree in a humanity related field and like many people with a humanities’ degree, not necessarily from Oxford or Cambridge, I initially began to panic. After having spent four years studying highly abstract notions and theoretical ideas and writing long essays, how would I apply these skills to the decidedly less abstract world of gaining meaningful employment? Luckily if you graduate from a good University in the Western world, especially Oxbridge, there are many routes you can explore which will allow you to get a job in the corporate world. Many friends with similar degrees in humanities were also wondering what they wanted to do and were exploring the much worn route of graduating from Oxbridge with a humanity’s degree and going into Law or corporate finance.

Initially I decided to pursue the well-worn route of researching law conversion courses and applying for jobs in corporate finance. The issue? I had little interest in the jobs I was applying for as they did not fit my overall career and life goals. After gentle persuasion from my family and with the ever present anxiety of unemployment an issue, I worked in the management consultancy and banking sector. I gained valuable experience in how these industries work and the sector they deal with. However deep down I knew my passions were for architectural drawing and design and working in the corporate sector would not fulfil either of these passions of mine.

I woke up one day during my time working in banking and decided I could no longer do a job that I was simply doing to make a salary. I spoke with my manager and she was very understanding that I wanted to pursue other career options. Rather than feeling hopeless, I realised I had finally made the decision to drive my own career path and finally pursue what it was I really wanted to do. Given my trials and tribulations with the corporate world and finally realising what it was I wanted to do, the following advice is intended as a rough outline of what I felt most beneficial when I decided to take the plunge into achieving my personal career goals:

Having spoken with many creative individuals who ended up feeling lost in their careers or after graduating I have the following advice for anyone (and I know there are many!) who feel the same way. Above all, do not become trapped in a job or career simply to make money. For the vast majority of people this will not satisfy your intellectual or creative aptitude and simply leave you feeling unhappy and unsatisfied. It is better to gain experience in a field or career you do want to enter which will eventually lead to a well-paid and more importantly, fulfilling job than slogging it out in a job that leaves you uninspired and unfulfilled.

Secondly, do not be afraid to take the plunge into a different job sector that initially means you have to take a cut in your salary or pay. Gaining experience in the creative sector and building up your portfolio – whether in terms of artwork or designs helps you to lay the foundation for entering into a notoriously competitive jobs market to enter.

An often unspoken truth about entering the creative professions is the sense of judgement if you do not choose to enter traditional career paths. This sense of judgement often comes from both family and friend circles and this prevents many people from pursuing their passions and talents because wanting to please your peers and family is also an important aspect of your life. Having the courage to quit your job is a bold step but can ultimately lead to greater career and personal satisfaction.

Finally, and possibly the most unpopular piece of advice I would give is that having a back-up plan is always a good idea. Creative industries such as fashion, design and architecture take many years to penetrate to be successful. It is important to remember that these industries are often not vocational career paths and being able to generate an income on the side can help you support your passions and career choices. Taking the time to learn a skill that can provide a sustainable career on the side is never a bad idea.

I am now working in marketing in a job I feel an immense sense of satisfaction with and I am able to use my creative personality to enhance my work. The portfolio I took the time to build up helped greatly in securing a job in the market I wanted to enter and I am also writing my own design book on the side. I no longer feel a sense of dread or helplessness in terms of career. It is important to override fears of dejection as these are often greatly overstated and prevent you from achieving your career goals. Marketing in particular is a very competitive industry and something that really shines through is your ability to overcome initial rejection and use your own initiative and creativity to prove yourself. Remember, it is often a long but rewarding road to career satisfaction in the creative industry!



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