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Our international team provide excellence in education without borders. With teams in four countries and staff across the world, Carfax Education has an unrivalled global presence.


A global community

The Carfax ethos is built on an integrated, connected approach to both our clients and ourselves.

While we are an international business with offices across the globe, our team of consultants, tutors and staff work closely on a daily basis to ensure standards are maintained across the board. From a tutor in Dubai to a mentor in Moscow, everyone is a part of the same Carfax Education team.

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Education Experts

Carfax values the experience and wisdom of people who have spent considerable parts of their career in the education sector, whether as teachers and lecturers or senior administrators and leaders of educational institutions or projects. Some of these experts join Carfax full-time, whist others collaborate on a project-by-project or advisory basis. Expressions of interest from people who feel that Carfax may benefit from their experience are always welcome!

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UKiset: What is it & how will it help me

Are you concerned about how your child compares to their British peers? Perhaps you are considering a move to the UK and need to make a direct comparison to the British education system and assess if your child will thrive in the UK? If so, then the UKiset assessment is a valuable tool for your child! UKiset is looking at a child’s academic ability and potential based on the UK curriculum and grade system. The results of the assessment give quantitative information about where your child fits on an international level, and if your child will thrive at a UK or international school.


Oxford & Cambridge University Open Days


Preparing for Oxbridge Interviews


Oxford or Cambridge: Which one is right for you?

The UK has long had a reputation for the quality of the education on offer at its top universities, but none more so than Oxford and Cambridge. “Oxbridge” has become a byword for academic prestige, the aspiration for elite students the world over.


What is the true value of a Masters?

A Master’s can sometimes be seen simply as a way of prolonging university and putting off job hunting. However, this is not the case. There are plenty valuable reasons to study for a Master’s degree, not least the fact that it can increase your employment opportunities and as well as provide leverage for your salary expectations. In certain fields, it can also be vital to progress and advance in a specified role. Here we look at the top reasons you should think of applying for a Master’s.


Preparing to start university

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