Careers with Carfax offer a range of opportunities for outstanding candidates in a variety of areas of education and business. For some, these are opportunities to bring their considerable experience to bear on a dynamic and innovative organization growing in its influence and increasingly shaping international education. For others, these are opportunities to assume significant responsibility, develop their skills, and fulfill their professional aspirations. Many seek the excitement of living and working in vibrant locations around the world. The map below shows countries and locations where members of Carfax staff have worked recently.

This page is about career opportunities and vacancies centrally promoted by the Carfax Education Group on behalf of its constituent businesses. In addition to these, Carfax Tutors and Carfax College regularly engage tutors and hire teaching staff directly and Carfax Recruitment separately advertises vacancies of its own external clients. Further details are available on these businesses’ websites.

The Carfax Group aggregates all of its jobs on a centralised job board here. To find a complete, and up-to-date listing of all open positions, please visit that link.

Carfax Education: The Global Education Group

Recent Graduates

Each year Carfax offers a limited number of individual graduate programmes to recent graduates of the world’s leading universities. Each individual programme is structured around a number of specialist tracks. The graduate programme lasts for a minimum of two years and different tracks can be combined within a single programme. Currently the following tracks are offered:

  • Tutoring and consulting
  • Administrative and operations
  • Managerial and entrepreneurial
  • Each programme offers an opportunity to take significant responsibility early on for one or more business areas as well as an opportunity to rotate between different businesses and offices within the Carfax Group. Most graduates joining Carfax will spend time working abroad in the first or second year of their programme.

    Many young people are often unsure about what they want to be doing after leaving university. The Carfax Graduate Programme offers them an opportunity to try themselves in a number of different roles and specialist areas and to develop new professional skills, whilst building up a consistent employment record. On completion of the graduate programme some may progress on to positions of senior responsibility within the Carfax Group and others may choose to leave Carfax with an impressive work experience, proven skill set, understanding of international business, and great employment prospects. Interested graduates should e-mail graduates@carfax-education.com.

    In addition to the structured graduate programme, many recent graduates join Carfax every year in the UK and overseas as full-time or freelance tutors. Tutor selection and recruitment is managed by Carfax Tutors and applications sent to applications@carfax-tutors.com are considered throughout the year.

    Education Experts

    Carfax values the experience and wisdom of people who have spent considerable parts of their career in the education sector, whether as teachers and lecturers or senior administrators and leaders of educational institutions or projects. Some of these experts join Carfax full-time, whist others collaborate on a project-by-project or advisory basis. Expressions of interest from people who feel that Carfax may benefit from their experience are always welcome and can be made by contacting William Knox on experts@carfax-education.com.

    In addition to fulfilling its own staffing requirements, Carfax is regularly looking for experienced educators on behalf of the clients of its recruitment agency, Carfax Recruitment. Interested candidates are invited to browse Carfax Recruitment website for current vacancies or make a self-introduction by e-mailing candidates@carfax-recruitment.com.

    Experienced Professionals

    To support the business activities of the Carfax Group, all individuals with an interest in education business and an accomplished background in management, strategy consulting, policy management, public relations, marketing, advertising, finance, IT, and sales are invited to apply. Previous experience in the education, private client, or professional services sectors are not always required, although for some positions these would be preferred. Applications from candidates with experience of working in businesses similar to those of the Carfax Group are particularly welcomed. Applications are accepted throughout the year on recruitment@carfax-education.com.


    For undergraduate and postgraduate students at the world’s leading universities, Carfax offers a range of internship opportunities throughout the Group. These positions are ideally suited for those who wish to pursue a career in education management, strategy consultancy, finance, marketing, public relations, or policy management. For students with ESOL or childcare experience significant specialist opportunities are occasionally available. Carfax Internships are the best way to experience what working at Carfax is like and to explore whether joining the Carfax Graduate Programme upon graduation would be a good fit. Interested candidates should e-mail internships@carfax-education.com

    Current Vacancies

    The below positions are centrally promoted by the Carfax Education Group on behalf of its constituent businesses. The offer of employment for successful applicants will be made and employment contract will be entered into by the indicated business and will be subject to employment and immigrations laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which that business is established.

    The Carfax Group aggregates all of its jobs on a centralised job board here. To find a complete, and up-to-date listing of all open positions, please visit that link


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