Carfax Structure

Carfax Education Group is an international group of education businesses and institutions, each focused on bringing the best of British, American, and Swiss education to private and corporate clients around the world. The group consists of three divisions: private-client businesses, institutional-client businesses, and schools. One of its strengths is in combining the educational experience and international perspectives of students, parents, institutions, and investors – a complete understanding of education that few organizations have.

Businesses belonging to the private-client division provide advice, preparation, and support to families and individuals who seek to access the best education opportunities in the UK, Switzerland, and the USA. These businesses utilize considerable resources of the Carfax Group to ensure optimal educational outcomes for every pupil and client. The institutional clients’ division works with education investors, national and local governments, international and non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions. The schools division comprises the three schools that Carfax owns or operates: Carfax College in Oxford, Maysville Academy in Kentucky, and Phileas Fox Nursery School in Central London.

The group, founded in the United Kingdom, has established a strong international presence with a growing network of offices in London, Oxford, Monaco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, and Seoul.

Carfax Approach

The best education has remained essentially the same since the days of Socrates – its sole purpose is to grow each pupil’s understanding and knowledge of the world. The essence of the Carfax Approach is in that each pupil has their potential and a corresponding optimal educational outcome that they are capable of. It is the job of the teacher to help them realize their potential to the full and achieve that optimal outcome. Without fail. Without compromise.

Carfax is a modern organization employing cutting-edge technology and sharp thinking to deliver the best education possible. At the same time it does not allow the latest fad of educational theory to cloud sound judgement nor lets the widely accepted dogmas of the day replace its own moral and educational compass. Carfax is a true innovator in the way it connects good education with good business, a leader of the industry, often followed and sometimes imitated. Carfax standards are high and educational excellence is a thoroughly understood norm for everyone at Carfax.

Senior Staff

The main strength of Carfax is in the excellent staff and outstanding teachers that it is fortunate to have brought together. Currently over 50 members of staff work in various Carfax businesses and offices with over 400 tutors and teachers teaching Carfax pupils throughout the world. Listed in the alphabetical order below are some of the senior members of staff leading the Carfax group, its businesses, and overseas offices. More information on Carfax staff is available on individual business and country websites.


International Director
Carfax Education Group
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Carfax Russia
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Carfax College
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Carfax U.A.E.
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Carfax Tutors
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Senior Consultant
Carfax Consultants
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Head Tutor
Carfax Monaco
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Eva You

Head of China Desk
Carfax Education Group
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History of Carfax

The first of Carfax businesses, the schools and university placement consultancy and guardianship service was founded in London’s Berkley Square in 2005 as Alexander Nikitich’s Educational Consultancy. Prior to that, the founder had been informally advising and tutoring in Oxford, helping friends and relatives choose and prepare for the most selective educational institutions. His first pupil got into Oxford in 1997. In 2003 he was asked to become a guardian of a friend’s son who was coming to study at a boarding school in the UK. By 2005 demand for his services grew to a point where he had to engage an assistant, take an office, charge fees to cover the cost, and turn his informal occupation into a business.

In 2007 the Carfax name was adopted to emphasize Oxford origins and the business was rebranded as Carfax Educational Consultants. In the same year, Carfax started developing its own tutor agency. In 2008 the first overseas office was opened in Moscow and Carfax returned to Oxford, its spiritual home, opening a tutorial college, Carfax Tutorial Establishment, there. Offices in Monaco and St. Petersburg followed in 2010. In 2011 Carfax started delivering education projects to corporate clients and the single business was divided into a group of autonomous businesses in order to maintain focus on each of the areas Carfax operated in more effectively. 2012 saw the opening of the Dubai office with Baku office following in 2013. Carfax Recruitment was established in London in 2014 and Maysville Academy opened its doors in Kentucky. The beginning of 2015 saw a minor rebranding to simplify some of the names of Carfax businesses and Carfax Tutorial Establishment was renamed Carfax College to reduce confusion on behalf of overseas clients and partners. In the spring of 2015 Carfax assumed operational management of Phileas Fox Nursery School in Central London and then opened an office in Abu Dhabi in the summer of 2015. Another new business, Carfax Publishing was established there. In November 2016, Carfax opened an office in Seoul.

Carfax Future

The demand for Carfax services and approach is truly global. Markets in many countries are ready to accommodate a Carfax presence. Future plans for Carfax expansion are based on a measured growth strategy and include taking the Carfax approach and brand to new locations in Europe, the rest of the Gulf, China, India, the Far East, Africa, the USA, and Latin America, whilst continuing to provide the best education expertise with no compromise on academic excellence. The growth strategy recognizes that in order to deliver consistently the same high education values and standards in any country, the expansion can only occur at the rate of recruitment and training of outstanding staff. The other important part of the strategy is collaboration with investment partners. To support its growth strategy, Carfax has developed dedicated recruitment and investment partnership programmes.

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Carfax Name

At the heart of the City of Oxford, the four roads leading from the old city gates form an ancient crossroads. This gave birth to the name ‘Carfax’, derived from the Latin quadric-furcus, literally ‘four-forked junction’. Given that the first Carfax business, Carfax Consultants, was providing guidance to those facing educational choices at ‘crossroads’ in their lives, this was adopted as the title of the company.

In 1610 a fountain was placed in Carfax, sourced by the Carfax Conduit, which channelled fresh water to the citizens of Oxford from its source in the surrounding hills. This fountain has been chosen as the company’s symbol, as it embodies all its values; Carfax College in Oxford, situated close to this ancient site, stands as a fountain of knowledge, with its source in one of most eminent academic foundations in the world.


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