In the Media: Phileas Fox Nursery School “Behind the Scenes”, Independent School Parent

October 13, 2015


Phileas Fox Nursery School is featured in the latest Independent School Parents magazine. The new bilingual nursery school, situated in the heart of London, is excited to finally open its doors to kids on October 15.
Phileas Fox Nursery combines a unique learning experience with excellent childcare provision within a beautiful environment. The school aims to specialise in traditional British Early Years education with the additional benefit of offering the programme in either French, Russian or Chinese languages. Each of our spacious classrooms will deliver opportunities for children to explore, learn and develop through well-planned purposeful activities. The classrooms will reflect the chosen language with all signage being visual in all languages and ample literature reflecting the cultural classics.

There will be opportunities for the children of each specific language groups to join together for whole school activities or free play times. We will encourage all children to integrate and learn from each other from time to time.


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In the Media: “Investing in Success”, Independent Education Today

September 23, 2015

Independent Education Magazine, Rupert Interview Oct 2015-1

Rupert Alesbury, principal of Carfax College, Oxford, talks to Independent Education Today about balancing tuition fees with future earning potential. Rupert believes that “schools and colleges should be teaching pupils skills in leadership, teamwork, reliability, entrepreneurship, creativity and presentation”. Please follow this link to read the full article and magazine online.

In the Media: “Top UK schools swell with overseas students”, China Daily

September 5, 2015

More and more Chinese families are choosing the quintessential British boarding school education for their children. This year for the first time the Chinese mainland outstripped Hong Kong in the number of pupils enrolled to school in Britain.They respect the rigour and quality of the education, and the wonderful extra-curricular and cultural opportunities that such an education can unlock for their children.
Alexander Nikitich, founder of Carfax Education Group gives his views to China Daily on how the profile of British schooling has raised in the Far East, and what to expect in coming years. He considers the potential for development and involvement of Carfax Consultants with a number of exciting ventures in China. Though times may change, one thing is sure – a traditional, British boarding school is the world’s gold standard in education.

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Carfax Tutors and Carfax Projects selected as Finalists of the Education Investor Awards 2015

August 5, 2015


Carfax Tutors and Carfax Projects are honoured to be selected as Finalists of the Education Investor Awards 2015 for the third time in a row! The EIA promotes excellence and gives recognition to organisations that have contributed especially to the rapidly growing education sector.

Read on to find out more about what Carfax Tutors and Carfax Projects have achieved in the past year.

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In the Media: “Russians confronted by the ultimate test of loyalties”, Financial Times.

July 15, 2015

Alexander Nikitch, founder of Carfax Education Group, comments on the implications of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on international education.

“[The] company has seen an increase in Russian families who want to send their children abroad. But highlighting the divide in the middle class, Carfax also knows Russian families who no longer favour an overseas education because it is considered unpatriotic.

“There is clearly an uptick in those who, as a result of the recent economic and political developments, have decided to send their children to be educated abroad or even finally decided to emigrate themselves. But there is also a new trend of families who can perfectly afford any education in the world deciding to return their children back to Russia.“, [says Alexander].”

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In the Media: “If Eton seems too cheap, there’s always the world’s priciest school”, The Times

January 26, 2015

The Times - 26 January 2015


Evgenia Lazareva, Managing  Director of Carfax Education Group, has been featured this morning in the Times talking about the nostalgic memories of studying at the world’s leading boarding school, Institut le Rosey, and the importance of social connections such elite schools leave behind after graduation.

People stick together.” she said. “My first job was through the alumni programme. If you’re going to a new country, you can open the alumni book and ring virtually anyone in it, and they will help you. I’ve had three people from Le Rosey doing interships at Carfax and one has a full-time job here.”

Carfax Events: Swiss Learning Event at the Embassy of Switzerland, London

January 25, 2015

Fiona Richie (left) Managing Director Re:locate Magazine and Evgenia Lazareva (right), Managing Director Carfax Education Group

On January 22, Carfax Education, in collaboration with Swiss Learning, held an exclusive one-day conference, at the Embassy of Switzerland in London. The guests had the opportunity to meet thirteen of the world’s most expensive and well-known Swiss boarding schools, as well as their current pupils, alumni, and of courses families and individuals interested in gaining access to the best educational opportunities elite Swiss education has to offer.

The event began with a welcome from the Ambassador of Switzerland, Mr Dominik Furgler, and the parties co-hosting the event, including Mr Christophe Clivaz, Founder of Swiss Learning, and Mrs Evgenia Lazareva, Managing Director of Carfax Education Group. Throughout the evening, the guests had the opportunity to take part in a Swiss wine dégustation with Mr Jerome Ake Beda, the Gault et Millau Sommelier of the Year, and participate in a real Swiss raclette experience.

The event also held great success among the press, with journalists from The Guardian, The Times, TES, Independent School Parent, Re:locate Magazine, Study Travel Magazine, Sunday Times and others.

Carfax Staff (from left to right): Daniele Labriola, US Higher Education Consultant, Yevgeniya Davarashvili, Marketing Coordinator, Vefa Tahmazova, Director Carfax Baku, and Maria Pasholok, PR & Communications

In the Media: “The Best Education in the World”, VV Magazine

January 26, 2011


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