Carfax Education: New Services

January 24, 2015


From 2015, Carfax will introduce a range of differently priced packages, delivered from our Educational Consultants and tailored to suit all pupils’ needs – from application support to highly personalised tutorials.



Winter is the best time to start planning your summer! So watch this space for all the updates on the exciting Summer with Carfax programme. This year the Carfax team will introduce an unprecedented range of educational summer courses and activities in a great variety of subjects. Whether you are preparing for university or just wish to study over the summer for your own interest, at Carfax you will find a summer programme for you.



Another important new feature from CEC is an introduction of Express Academic Assessments in all Carfax regional offices – London, Moscow, Dubai, Baku, and St Petersburg. As opposed to traditional full length Academic Assessment, which takes place at Carfax Tutorial College and lasts up to 25 hours, Express Academic Assessment in regional Carfax offices will last from 3 to 8 hours. This will allow more flexibility for those pupils who cannot travel to Oxford to complete to whole AA course, and at the same time will help pupils and parents to better understand their needs and requirements.


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