Carfax University Guidance: United States

June 22, 2015

Admission rates to elite American universities continue to drop, as low as 5 percent in some cases, as interest among international students continues to rise. These seemingly long odds need not discourage international applicants. In their quest for diversity, American universities prize international students. However, many international students submit applications that — no matter how strong a student’s background may be — simply are not up to par with those of their American peers.

Whereas application advising, both in schools and by private counselors, is standard in the United States, international students often do not have a discerning eye to help them navigate what can be a confusing and burdensome process, which includes both objective elements, such as standardized tests, and subjective elements, such as application essays. Carfax’s higher education consultancy is dedicated to ensuring that students choose appropriate prospective universities and submit applications that will resonate with the world’s most discerning educational gatekeepers.


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