Carfax Pupils: School and University Entries Success

January 12, 2015

Conditional offers from the History departments of four UK major universities – LSE, SOAS, Durham, and St Andrews – that is the result of just one Carfax pupil this year, which proves that if you prepare hard, everything is possible.
 Other results from CEC pupils include offers in Economics from Newcastle, Bristol, and City universities; an offer in Sociology from Warwick, City, and Goldsmith; an offer in Humanities from Queen Mary, as well as interviews for History at Oxford and for Architecture and Medicine at Cambridge, Imperial, and King’s College, London. Finally, we are also very proud of our CEC pupil who received a successful offer for University of Oxford and will be joining some of the greatest minds from next September.

With the school entries, Carfax pupils also demonstrated outstanding results with nine unconditional and five conditional offers from top British schools, including Charterhouse, Sevenoaks, Rugby, Downe House, Wycombe Abbey, and Sherborne Girls, and an interview at the most famous British public school – Eton.


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