Carfax College is proud of extraordinary school entrance results!

December 4, 2015


A British boarding school education is valued throughout the world and the best schools set high entrance standards. Carfax College has many years’ experience in preparing pupils for these highly competitive examinations. Following months of intense preparation, long hours of practice and commendable dedication, not only did our school preparation pupils gain admission to some of Britain’s most prestigious schools, but there is no pupil left without an offer. Even better – 100% of pupils this year received offers from their top school choices!
Throughout their time at Carfax College, our school entrance candidates studied intensely, but have also enjoyed Oxford’s rich cultural and sports activities. Our pupils went to Blenheim Palace, punting, kayaking, to several plays and concerts, organized quiz luncheons, and made invaluable friendships. We want to congratulate all pupils and tutors for their hard work, and wish our extraordinary pupils the brightest future ahead.

Carfax Out and About: VV Magazine Award for Responsible Luxury in Education

December 4, 2015

On 3 December, Managing Director Evgenia Lazareva accepting the VV Magazine award for responsible luxury in education. Every day, Carfax Education Group works hard to help children achieve the best results in their academic career. This year all of our pupils had exceptional exam results and gained access to their top choice schools. Such success motivates us to progress further in order to achieve academic excellence without borders!

Excellent successes as another Sixth Form application cycle comes to an end!

December 2, 2015

Phelps Gate at Yale University looking in towards the campus with people visible in the distance.

It is a very proud day for Carfax Consultants! As another Sixth Form application cycle draws to a close, we can reflect on some excellent successes with our applicants this year. All pupils were extremely dedicated and were single-minded in their pursuit of a place at their favourite school. Competition was tough, often with more than 5 candidates per place, but our pupils worked tirelessly, building up their knowledge of chosen A level subjects with specialist tutors, revising for examinations, participating in workshops and seminars. All students were offered places – no student left the November examination battlefield without any offers. What is incredible, and should fill our pupils with immense pride, is that out of all who applied 100% received offers from their top choice schools, and two of our pupils received offers from all of the schools that they applied to! This is indeed commendable and we congratulate all of our pupils for this fantastic achievement! We are looking forward to pupils taking up offers from King’s School, Canterbury, Rugby School, Charterhouse School, Shrewsbury School, Stowe School, Marlborough College, and other leading schools.



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