Out and About: Carfax Education attending a dinner with the Beijing municipal government

October 23, 2015

Deputy Mayor of Haidian

Yesterday, Carfax’s head of China desk, Claire Hao, attended a dinner with the Beijing municipal government, organized by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

The evening offered a number of innovative insights into the Chinese marketplace and enabled Carfax to establish connections with Beijing government officials, fostering our presence in the world of Chinese education.

Photographed above, Deputy Mayor of Haidian (left) and Claire Hao (right).

In the Media: Phileas Fox Nursery School “Behind the Scenes”, Independent School Parent

October 13, 2015


Phileas Fox Nursery School is featured in the latest Independent School Parents magazine. The new bilingual nursery school, situated in the heart of London, is excited to finally open its doors to kids on October 15.
Phileas Fox Nursery combines a unique learning experience with excellent childcare provision within a beautiful environment. The school aims to specialise in traditional British Early Years education with the additional benefit of offering the programme in either French, Russian or Chinese languages. Each of our spacious classrooms will deliver opportunities for children to explore, learn and develop through well-planned purposeful activities. The classrooms will reflect the chosen language with all signage being visual in all languages and ample literature reflecting the cultural classics.

There will be opportunities for the children of each specific language groups to join together for whole school activities or free play times. We will encourage all children to integrate and learn from each other from time to time.


To read the full article, follow this link.


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