Carfax Guardianship in the USA

June 23, 2015

Guardianship at University is not a requirement, unless the student is under 18, but support and advice of a dedicated professional can make a lot of difference in process of adaptation to new environment. Generally, American universities have a support system in place, but needless to say, that it is aimed at domestic students, who have lived in the US since they were born and require little guidance about rules, regulations, day to day life. American students have access to expertise of their families and friends, which helps them to make best choices. Carfax Guardians will provide your child with the opportunity to get extra help and advice while they are learning to live independently.
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Resource: US vs UK Applications

June 22, 2015

Many international students approach U.S. applications having already familiarize themselves with the U.K. application system. It’s crucial for them to recognize, and appreciate, the differences between the two. The UCAS system dominates British admission, enabling students to submit a single statement of purpose and predicted A Level scores. Oxford and Cambridge universities rely largely on interviews, granted to students whose A Level scores meet their minimum requirements.

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Carfax University Guidance: United States

June 22, 2015

Admission rates to elite American universities continue to drop, as low as 5 percent in some cases, as interest among international students continues to rise. These seemingly long odds need not discourage international applicants. In their quest for diversity, American universities prize international students. However, many international students submit applications that — no matter how strong a student’s background may be — simply are not up to par with those of their American peers.

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