Carfax Tutors Blog: Chemistry and Camels in Oman

August 25, 2014

Our tutor Anna recently traveled to Muscat in Oman, on a six-month Flying Tutor Placement, teaching Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to a brother and sister.

“I’ve been incredibly lucky this year to have had the opportunity to work in Oman, tutoring for a private family, through Carfax. The Middle East has fascinated me for a long time, and when I was offered the chance to move there for a few months to teach science, I didn’t hesitate.

Stepping off the plane in Muscat, I was greeted with the brilliant sunshine that draws an increasing number of Westerners here – from that moment on, I had little incentive to return to the UK! However, I soon discovered that many Omanis are equally fond of the UK for its ‘wonderful cool weather’ (rain in other words).

Muscat is a beautiful white-washed city by the sea, scattered with lovely tiled mosques from which the calls to prayer resonate across the area five times a day. Both Carfax and the family I worked for made me feel very welcome and supported me from the moment I arrived – I lived in a lovely apartment where I could see over the nearby mountains, dotted with palm trees.

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