Предуниверситетская программа погружения летом 2018

December 12, 2017

Для тех, кто рассматривает поступление в британские университеты или просто хочет узнать больше об учёбе в Великобритании, наша команда экспертов по высшему образованию разработала уникальную довузовскую программу обучения.
В ходе программы у Вас есть шанс побывать в настоящем кампусе при университете, пообщаться с представителями приемной комиссии и реальными студентами.

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Higher Education Advice in Italy

November 21, 2017

Dr. Daniele Labriola, Carfax Consultant’s higher education specialist, spent the weekend in Milan presenting to parents and pupils at the bilingual MILE school.  Dan’s presentation covered all aspects of applying to UK and US universities, stressing the importance of a strong academic performance as well as a wide range of co-curricular activities and outside interests.  Parents and pupils had the chance to question Dan about the application process to two very different systems, the best preparation and tips on a first class personal statement.

Dan, MILE 2 - Copy (2)

Dan Labriola pictured with Adriana Sorbellini, the Founder of MILE School, Milan

Carfax Consultants visit Switzerland

November 15, 2017

Carfax Consultants Eleonora Suhoviy, Joanna Patterson, Eva Jingyi You and David Tysoe, recently visited Switzerland to attend an event in Soerenberg sponsored by HTMi (Hotel and Tourism Management institute) and hosted by WEBA and then visit schools.  The Soerenberg event involved a workshop to meet a range of schools and universities from around the world, as well as a visit to HTMi and a presentation about the school and a trip to Hochalpines Institut Ftan.

Following this Eleonora, Eva, Joanna and David visited a number of leading Swiss boarding schools, including Lyceum Alpinium Zuoz, Le Rosey, La Garenne, Beau Soleil and Aiglon, where they met senior members of staff and looked round the schools.

Le Rosey’s new 45 million CHF concert hall and art/music centre



Carfax Hosts Pupils from Academia Arguello, Argentina

November 8, 2017

Carfax recently welcomed a group of pupils from Academia Arguello to Carfax College as part of the exciting Oxonians Project. The pupils from Cordoba, Argentina, spent two weeks at Carfax College in Oxford studying English as well as honing their skills in Business Economics and Design Technology. The pupils also attended a presentation given by Carfax Consultants on UK university admissions  with particular emphasis on Oxbridge applications. They were also given the opportunity to experience life in Oxford and sample some of the traditions that the city and University are famous for, including attending choral evensong at Christ Church, visiting the Pitt Rivers and Ashmolean Museums, and attending formal hall at Wadham College, as well as visiting Cambridge and a number of tourist sites such as Stonehenge, Blenheim Palace and the city of Bath. Arguello

Тему тьюторства главный редактор русского Татлер Ксения Соловьева затрагивает в своей колонке ноябрьского Татлер.

October 31, 2017

Кто они, эти таинственные выпускники Оксбриджа, на которых иные родители возлагают столько надежд?
Об опыте одного из них, ныне директора репетиторского подразделения Carfax в Лондоне, читайте в главном номере журнала.




Московский офис Carfax – официально аккредитованный центр Pearson

September 29, 2017

Центр Carfax Education в Москве получил статус аккредитованного центра EDEXCEL, что дает право принимать любые экзамены GCSE, IGCSE, A-level, International A-level.


Читайте в статье журнала “Tatler” о том, почему Carfax Education гордится своими кадрами.

September 25, 2017

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Не ходите, дети, в школу!

September 4, 2017

Home schooling становится все популярнее среди учеников Carfax в Москве. Обучаясь в российской школе, параллельно можно освоить полноценную программу британской школы разных уровней (Key Stage 1-4, A-level) с тьюторами из Великобритании. Ирина Новицкая поделилась своим опытом обучения дочери Маши, которая занимается по одной из таких программ, в приложении Tatler Russia “Лучшие школы мира”.
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August 22, 2017

A level results from Carfax College, Oxford have seen some brilliant performances this year. The majority of leavers will now be heading on to their first-choice universities, to read a diverse range of subjects including Medicine, Mathematics, Engineering, History, Geography, and Modern Languages.

 The achievements of our re-take candidates who re-sat exams after previously sitting them elsewhere were particularly striking:

  • Over 90% of final A level results were improved by at least one grade.

  • Over 40% of final A level results were improved by two grades or more.

  • For individual modules, the average improvement was 22.7 UMS marks.

” These impressive results are a testament to the hard work of our pupils and to the dedication of their wonderful tutors,” commented Rupert Alesbury, Principal of Carfax College. “Many congratulations and the best of luck to all our successful leavers as they move on to an exciting new stage in their careers.”

A private college situated in the heart of Oxford, Carfax College specializes in providing the highest quality one-to-one and small group tuition. Group courses begin in September and January, but individual courses can start at any time of the year. Short-term and part-time courses are also offered all year round, including weekends and holidays.


August 22, 2017

In advance of Thursday’s GCSE results, Carfax Tutors would like to wish heaps of luck to all our pupils – almost of whom worked incredibly hard in the run-up to their exams, and some of whom discovered that their interests might lie beyond the narrow confines of the national curriculum – and to explain briefly the new 9-1, GCSE grading system.

The new grades are definitely tougher. There is no longer a foundation level, so all students will be studying the same curriculum. And there is less coursework, with the examiners having decided to give (or take) the majority of marks on the timed exams in Year 11.  The grades run from 1-9. 9 is the highest, higher than the current system’s A*. They are designed to increase the accuracy of the marking, and to inject a new level of possible achievement into a system which, many believe, has become too simple over the years.

Only three subjects are affected this year – English literature, English language and Maths. Science and other subjects will be marked this way in 2018. Over the next two years, all remaining subjects will transition to the new grading system.

Universities have assured schools that they are ready for the new system. Of the nine grades available, a 7 will mark the lower end of an A grade, an 8 the higher end of an A and lower end of an A*, and a 9 will be higher than the current system allows. A 4 is equivalent to the lower end of a C grade.

So a 4 will be the basic requirement for these core subjects, English and Maths. A 5 will be a ‘strong pass’. Pupils shouldn’t worry too much about this. We can’t be sure what effect two levels of ‘pass’ will have, but the government is insisting that universities will accept the 4, just as they currently accept the C. The subtleties of the grading may be more consequential to Ofsted, and school leagues tables, rather than pupils.

We can’t deny that there is uncertainty around the new system, and it is not totally clear what range of grades will be required at, for example, Oxbridge entrance. Where before it was easier for bright students to achieve 11 A* grades, they will now have to work harder. But competition for the best universities has always been tricky, and the most academically capable will continue to score excellent results.


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